This the home of the Ipswich Town Football Club Official Supporters Club.


The Supporters Club is a part of ITFC but run independently by volunteers.


Our main objective is to provide the vital link between the Club and the fans, wherever they may be.

If you're a season ticket holder then you are automatically enrolled as member of ITSC at no cost.

What we do

The Supporters Club is the link between ITFC and the fan base.  We organise events throughout the season to enable fans to meet current and ex-players, as well as on- and off-field management. We also liaise with ITFC on a wide range of issues raised with us by fans.  Our branch network operates locally, nationally and internationally – what they share is a passion for all things ITFC.  

The Supporters Club is a part of ITFC itself, and we are grateful for the support of ITFC in many of our activities. We receive no financial assistance, and our Committee and our many helpers are all volunteers. We are not primarily about fundraising, but we are proud that fans attending our events contributed nearly £7,000 to the ITFC Academy and other groups in 2019/20.

Well over 2,000 fans take part in one or more Supporters Club activities during the course of the year, and well over 100 are active branch committee members, organising events and travel for their members.  


  • Over 15,000, including all ITFC season ticket holders, ITFC Silver Club members, Ambassador members, Junior Blues and members of branches

  • Membership is free, which means as many people as possible are able to attend our growing number of events

Main Supporters Club

  • A part of ITFC, though run independently by volunteers

  • Coordinates branches and worldwide membership, and runs a number of events during the season on matchdays and midweek with current and ex-players in Ipswich and the regions.  See below for more information

  • Holds an Annual General Meeting in late October which includes an ITFC Open Evening with on- and off-field representatives

  • Committee meets regularly to organise events and ensure that members' issues are addressed

  • Branches are invited to attend most committee meetings

  • Club issues are raised and discussed with ITFC on a regular basis

Branch Network

  • Coordinates over 30 branches across Suffolk, UK and the rest of the world – some, especially the smaller or further-away branches – need more help than others. Others, mostly local and well-established, run themselves without central involvement

  • Branches have committees – some charge membership fees, some don’t

  • All branches are self-sufficient:

    • Independent financially and in organisation

    • Free to set their own agenda as long as it is consistent with ITFC/ITSC core principles

  • Local branches tend to organise coach travel to home (and some away) games, fund raising activities, socials etc

  • Branches further away tend to do car shares, pre-match meets, and make greater use of social media to keep in touch with far-flung membership.

  • New branches are always welcome


  • Some branches run coaches to home games and some, occasionally, to away games – with some branches subsidising coach travel through a wide programme of fundraising activities. Check out the 'Travel' section for more information

  • Note that the Supporters Club does not run the official away transport – this is run by ITFC (Suffolk Norse) at cost

Overseas fans

  • Arranges activities for overseas fans when in Ipswich. For example, matchday events with ex-players

  • Helps overseas supporters when visiting Portman Road (and away games), with advice regarding tickets, pubs and people

  • Gives them a chance to contribute to the matchday programme

  • Coordinates contact between overseas branches


  • Supporters Club AGM, held at ITFC in late October, including a Q&A with club management, about both on- and off-field activities and plans

  • ITFC On the Road evening socials, in Ipswich and the regions providing the chance to meet and question current players

  • Legends on the Town evening events, held in Ipswich and Stowmarket, with heroes from our past

  • Matchday Legends events, giving fans a chance to meet recent and not-so-recent players, collect autographs, have photos taken and chat

  • Annual Player Awards Evening, open to all members, including awards for Player of the Year and young Player of the Year, and for all debutants. First team squad and management attend. Player of the Year votes are collected at the ground and online

Relationship with ITFC

  • Liaison with club SLO, safety, stewards and police when issues are raised from home and away fans

  • Sounding board for ITFC when looking at the impact on supporters of club decisions

  • Provide a point of contact for fans' queries to club, put them in touch with the right people and follows up. Fans can, of course, contact the club directly, but many don't know who to contact or how best to approach club people.

  • Members of the ITSC committee attend the club’s supporters forum

  • Represents fan base at events such as wreath-laying, Sir Bobby Robson memorial service, charity presentations, civic events, funerals and memorials


  • E-mail communication to branches for circulation to their members

  • Central and many branch events are advertised in the matchday programme

  • Use of local papers and radio and the ITFC website (www.itfc.co.uk), to advertise events

  • Flyers in various outlets in ground

  • Use of ITFC Facebook page (www.facebook.com/officialitfc/) and Twitter account (@IpswichTown)

  • The ITSC website (www.itfcsupporters.co.uk) is mainly used to advertise central events, for branch and central contact details and links to branch websites and events. It deliberately does not provide match reports, editorial or a message board. The official site provides most of this and TWTD does the rest (moderating a message board is a near-full-time job in any case)

  • Representatives are in the FanZone before home games, Beattie's after every home game, and at all away games enabling any fan to come along, meet us and raise any issues

  • Has a dedicated email address officialitsc@gmail.com


  • Contribute fan content in every home programme. This includes information on branches and all events

  • Many branches have websites and/or Facebook pages.

  • Respond to media requests - TV, radio and print media - for official supporter views on ITFC issues.



Ipswich Town F.C. Supporters Club
Portman Road




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